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Welcome to our portal.

Our portal is open for everybody, but to have access to the whole range of services you have to register.

After registration you can:

  1. Publish announcements

  2. Communicate on forum page

  3. Use personal massages

  4. Place information in business catalogue

  5. Comment on news and surveys

  6. Propose own news, works etc.

Each participant of communication has the right for confidentiality of information. That is why do not discuss financial, family or other interests of participants without their permission. All messages reflect only the opinions of their authors.

Any person agreed to observe these rules may become a user of this portal.

  • The rules published below obligatory apply to all visitors of the site leaving comments to articles or participating in forums and blogs.

  • The site administration has the right to change the rules without notification.

  • Additions and changings to the rules come into force from the moment of publishing.


of behavior at the portal

1.Registration on the portal

  1. Your email address should be active. You may prohibit your email address publication. In this case we guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided.

  2. During registration one should provide a login have not taken up at our site before. Slight change in the already existed login or adding a symbol to it is not welcomed. This will be interpreted be the site administration as an attempt of discrediting the earlier registered user and your login will be deleted.

  3. Registration of senseless logins and user names, combination of random symbol is prohibited; also usage of unprintable words, website addresses, email addresses etc. is prohibited. Usage of real names is preferred.

  4. Usage of the names of official organizations (ex. Administration, committee etc.) or persons in user names is prohibited. This is made to prevent users having nothing to do with them from acting under such names. Official persons and organizations may address the site moderator to receive their personal logins.

  5. Usage of other’s personal names and family names as well as avatar images not representing a person registered on the portal is prohibited. The portal administration has the right to ask for confirmation of belonging of name and photo to a certain user.

  6. Registration of more than one user name is prohibited. In case you need an additional registration please apply to the portal administration.

  7. Visitors of the site, forum should address to a user with the name he has chosen without any abbreviations.

  8. Registered users may edit their messages, fixing mistakes but not changing the sense of the message or of those parts of the message which were moderated.

2.Code of behavior on the site

These rules are set up not to limit communication on the site of this project or to restrict somehow the rights of users, but to regulate the information flow and avoid its clutter up. The rules conform to comments on news and messages. The observing of the rules of communication set up by administration is mandatory. We are always glad to welcome new participants but please follow the rules existing here.

2.1The following acts are prohibited on the site:

  1. Flood, off top and spam. Off top attempt may result in deleting of such messages, or splitting of this theme into several if the moderators consider this off top to be informative and proper for a separate theme.

  2. Over quoting. If you want to comment on some particular message, you may use quoting function. But in this case quote only those message fragments you want to comment on.

  3. Transliteration, as well as illiteracy constant or on purpose. Please have respect for your mother tongue and the other project participants. Bear in mind that it might be very unpleasant for the others to read rough messages with many mistakes.

  4. CAPITAL LETTERS (usage of CapsLock or big font in the full message). In some cases this function is possible when required. In other cases it is recommended to use bold, italics or underlining to mark out the sizeable part of the message. Please try to express your thoughts and emotions by means of words, but not of decoration.

  5. Breach of Criminal Code and agitation to this

  6. Statements discrediting our country or its history. Statements about drugs safety and usefulness, superiority of one nation under another

  7. Abuse and unprintable words. “Light” abusive language required by coloring of the message is allowed but should not be overused. The limits of this usage in each particular case are regulated by moderators. Usage of abusive words in nicknames is also prohibited.

  8. Loutishness. Insulting of the forum participants (direct or indirect) is equated to abuse. Please, respect the opinion of your opponents even it doesn’t coincide with yours.

  9. Intentional incitement to altercation by means of provocative themes and messages. The difference between intentional and unintentional is determined by moderators.

  10. Threatening of other participants of the project irrespectively of the matter evoked this case.

  11. Sorting out of personal relations on the site. Please use private messages, ICQ or other means of communication preventing open access to this information.

  12. Post messages or comments contrary to the Law of Russian Federation dated 27.12.1991 #2124-1 “On mass medium”.

  13. In case messages or themes conflicting with the present rules are revealed by a user, he may inform a moderator about this matter. This will fasten adequate measures taken to regulate the situation.

  14. Breach of any of the articles of the present rules might result in limitation of the access to the project without notification.

  15. Publish links to unlicensed commercial software, cracking programs and key generators, also to copyrighted materials (books, music, video etc.)

  16. Post messages on political or religious themes. Administration has the right to delete such messages without notification.

  17. Post erotic messages. Administration has the right to delete such messages without notification.

  18. Post intolerant racism statements. Administration has the right to delete such messages without notification.


  1. All matters by any reason not regulated by the present Rules are to the discretion of Administration. Administration is guided by the present Rules, common sense, principles of ethical behavior and own experience.

  2. A user becomes aware of the fact that Administration may delete any Message and/or Theme, cancel registration, limit or block the access in case Breach of the present Rules by the User. Administration makes decision on penalties on its own discretion.


  1. Ignorance of the present Rules does not release the user from responsibility to moderators and other participants of the project. Be maximum correct, have respect to your opponents and their point of view.

  2. Administration of the portal understands and provides observance of the site rules leading by its own evaluation of a particular participant. Taking part in the project, participants commit to Administration taking any decisions concerning the observance of the rules.

  3. The portal Administration has the right to change the present Rules with prior notification of the participants on the site.

  4. Any supplements and changings to the present Rules come to force after the moment of publishing on the portal.

  5. All questions, proposals, comments to the site Administration may be applied only through feedback page.

  6. Emails addressed to Administration containing loutishness and unprintable words are not considered, the authors of such emails may get penalties for disrespectful behavior (art.2 of the present Rules)  

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